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PD-20F, QC/PD 20000mAh Power-Bank
The PD-20F is the ultimate power bank for all your charging needs. Equipped with a Micro Input of 5V 2.0A/9V 2.0A and Type-C Input of 5V 3.0A/9V 2.0A, this power bank can be charged quickly and efficiently. The Type-C Output offers 5V 3.0A/9V 2.2A/12V 1.5A(20W) and the USB-A1/A2 Output provides 4.5V 5A/5V 4.5A/9V 2.0A/12V 1.5A (22.5W) for all your devices. Additionally, the USB-A1+ USB-A2+TYPE-C Output offers 5V 3.0A for simultaneous charging. Compact and lightweight, the PD-20F is the perfect companion for your mobile lifestyle.

PD-20F, QC/PD 20000mAh Power-Bank

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